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AJ Tracey's Gone Back to His Grime Roots With "Doing It"

The icy, Swifta Beater-produced track premiered last night at a west London skatepark, where the UK artist announced his debut album.

by Ryan Bassil
Nov 21 2018, 3:34pm

AJ Tracey debut album artwork

One thing about AJ Tracey is that he's from west London. You'll know this because he consistently reps the area in his tunes, like in this year's comeback track "LO(V)SER" where he lets listeners know what clothes he wears when he's in Ladbroke Grove (white in the summer, black in winter).

Because of his strong connection with his home, it made sense that he invited a bunch of fans (200 very lucky ones) to a skatepark in Ladbroke Grove yesterday evening, where he announced the release of his self-titled debut album. I can't lie about how cold it was, it was freezing and perhaps those fans won't feel as lucky when they're waking up with a voice like Young Yeezy's most gravelly hooks. But I will say I'm 75% more about announcing an album with a live event over throwing up some kind of post on social networks. Plus fans got a small, intimate performance out of it.

The announcement was followed up this morning with new tune, "Doing it", where AJ Tracey brings more shine to west London, the newfound riches he's bringing there, and also more generally cockiness about his abilities – "Now I've got a house in the west / now I put the ice in my chest"; "I'm the actual best / gang ting, I'm from actual west", etc. Where "LO(V)SER" reaffirmed the 24 year-olds knack for writing a chorus that goes, "Doing It" will likely please younger purists as it sees AJ going back to his grime roots, spitting over an icy production from Swifta Beater. Watch below.

AJ Tracey's debut album is dropping February 8, 2019, and will be followed by a world tour with UK dates in March.

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