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Former Nirvana Bassist Krist Novoselic Is Backing Libertarian Gary Johnson for President

The musician turned activist announced to Twitter he had given the "maximum contribution" to Johnson's campaign.

by VICE Staff
May 31 2016, 2:59pm

As the general election slowly approaches, the way an iceberg once approached the Titanic, it's time for notable Americans from all over to declare their support for one candidate or another.

California Governor Jerry Brown recently came out in support of Hillary Clinton, and noted bad man Martin Shkreli endorsed Donald Trump before clarifying that he was joking and would courageously protest the election by staying home. But what about former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic? Glad you asked.

On Tuesday, Novoselic, who has in recent years become involved in local and national politics, tweeted his support for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson. Novoselic took a break from the Melvins to alert his fans that he has given the "maximum contribution" to former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson—$2,700, according to Johnson's website.

Johnson has been increasingly visible in the last few weeks, and officially secured the Libertarian nomination last weekend at the party's convention. He called out Trump's racist, anti-immigration politics during a Tuesday CNN interview, then blew Trump a kiss on live TV when asked if he feared any retaliation from the GOP nominee's fan base.

Novoselic has donated both to Democrats and to libertarian-leading Republican Ron Paul in the past, but this appears to be the first time he's given money to the Libertarian Party.

In an interview from the early days of Nirvana, he expressed an extreme dislike for people who stand on escalators: "I'm gonna do something about it. And I'm urging you to do something about it. Write your congressman, get a group together," he said. "I think we could do something about this."

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