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Grime and Emo are the Focus of the First Episode of i-D's New Series 'A History of British Style Tribes'

British style bible just dropped two eps of this new series with a focus on emo, grime, jungle, and cybergoth.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Jul 7 2015, 5:08pm

Now in its 35th year British culture bible i-D have just dropped the first two episodes of a new series: A History of British Style Tribes. First up is a look at the landscape that birthed grime at the turn of the millienium—post-Napster and pre-YouTube—what these emerging stars were listening to, rapping about, and wearing (hello boilersuits!). Check it out above.

In the second half of this episode, emo is the order of the day and specifically the geneology of the genre from post-hardcore and nu metal. Oh the flat-ironed, asymmetric, bleak, black hair, and existential angst!

Below is ep two which zeroes in on kids who loved jungle and self-described cybergoths. The roots of jungle lie in the rave and hardcore scenes of the early 90s, combined with a love of reggae and Jamaican music, meanwhile the look was flashy and in your face—Moschino all day everyday. But this also tells the story of the scene's dark underbelly as drugs and crime eased its way in. And then the birth of cybergoth and specifically the label Cyberdog. Good God, all that neon, all those colorful dreads. Those dance moves! Very Total Recall. Watch on. Episode three, which puts the effect of grunge in the UK under the microscope, is coming soon.

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