Here Is letlive's Jason Butler Climbing A Venue's Balcony Like a Goddamn Madman

He even poses for a selfie.

Mar 12 2014, 3:06pm

As we've mentioned before, jumping off of balconies and diving into the audience is a pretty bullshit, wannabe-rockstar move if you're in a band. But in Jason Butler's defense, he didn't actually jump when he climbed the balcony at letlive's recent show at The Tabernacle in Atlanta. He did however drag a mic around the length of the entire balcony (seriously, how long is that fucking cable?) and hang precariously close to the edge like a goddamn lunatic )" target="_blank">as he is wont to do. That's probably why the venue freaked the fuck out, cut the set short, and asked the band to leave the stage, according to attendees.

Whatever your opinion on letlive is, you gotta give it to the dude for working a room and even taking the time to pose for a selfie with a fan mid-madness. But seriously, dude. Get a wireless mic.

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