FIDLAR Just Parodied All Your Favorite 90s Music Videos in "40oz On Repeat"

They've announced the release date for their new album 'Too,' too.

Jun 2 2015, 5:00pm

There's a lot of unabashed 90's nostalgia that doesn't do enough to point out just how ridiculous everything was. When you really think about it, a bunch of dudes moping about being under bridges eating mold is at least a little funny. Which is why the new video by FIDLAR is the perfect cure for nostalgia. In "40oz on Repeat," the band dresses up in a myriad of different outfits and costumes, showing you just how fucking silly music videos in general are. A guy in flannel and a bandana crying about no one understanding him, being in a black and white video strumming a really emotional and British song, pulling off some sweet solos next to a jukebox, everything you've ever wanted. In addition to the goofy video, the band announced their sophomore record Too, coming September 4.