Lose Sense of Space and Time in Faroe's Video for "A Lot Better Now"

This French chap—a sensitive solo star on the rise—gets multiplied, twisted, and split in the video for a song that's both soothing and spectral.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
May 17 2016, 1:30pm

Here are the facts:

Corentin Ollivier is Faroe.

Faroe is his solo project. Normally he plays in a band called Concrete Knives (think skippy indie pop).

Faroe is French.

Below is the premiere of the video for "A Lot Better Now," lifted from his debut EP Words. The video features Faroe flickering, multiplied and divided and stretched. It's hypnotic and very chill.

You will feel a lot better after listening to this record. A melancholy kind of pop (check those plaintive piano chords) it's still uplifting, somehow. Maybe it's the playfully see-sawing sonics, or his the space he allows for the chorus, his voice beamed in from somewhere far far away. He's been compared to James Blake, but the spirit in this song is certainly more buoyant.

"'A Lot Better Now' is a very intimate songwriting-style song at the core," he explains. "I wanted to achieve a sense of being in a weird, ungrounded space with the song, and I wanted to follow the same concept for the visual. That's why things get a bit twisted in the video!"

Words is out now