Hudson Mohawke's Demo for Rihanna That Later Became Anohni's "Crisis" Surfaces Online

Check out first hand the elements of the song that would later change to fit Anohni's new record 'Hopelessness.'

Jun 9 2016, 12:33pm

Photo via Jason Bergman

Some of the best songs started out as demos for other artists, and were later transformed into something even more powerful. Take for example this new Hudson Mohawke demo that surfaced, originally intended for Rihanna. It might've ended up a pretty cool song for the singer's new record Anti-, as label LuckyMe said on Twitter Rihanna never even heard the track, but instead it ended up a pretty emotional piece of work on Anohni's new record Hopelessness. Elements of the original demo are made less busy, and new parts are added to make Anohni's delivery even more powerful.