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Watch Mapei Rap in Swedish and Take Over Stockholm in MXHXN's Insane "GÄÄHDA" Remix Video

MXHXN teams up with Mapei, Lazee, Ivory, Gedz, Nimo, and A-Keyy(bbe). How do you say "lituation" in Swedish?

by Noisey Staff
Aug 12 2015, 8:22am

This article originally appeared on Noisey Sweden.

Swedish rapper MXHXN has teamed up with a million of his peers, or, six of them actually—including Sweden's beloved hip-hop queen Mapei for the remix of his "GÄÄHDA". In addition to local artists Lazee, Ivory, Gedz, Nimo and A-Keyy(bbe), the song features Mapei's rap debut in Swedish. The video takes place at Stockholm's famous square Sergels Torg, and it's an open air rap marathon.

Everything is captured in woozy, unpredictable style by star local video director Nikeisha Andersson and MXHXN himself, with the camera zooming around and suddenly focusing in on each rapper for their verse. Although it's almost entirely in Swedish, the spirit is international, with everyone taking cues from the hippest of American rap posse cuts. If you didn't know better you might mistake the whole crew for some Awful Records spinoff or emerging A$AP affiliates. Either way, it's fucking nuts. How do you say "lituation" in Swedish? If there's an answer, it's probably in the video below:

"GÄÄHDA" (Remix) is out now via Warner.