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Young Scooter and Young Dolph Are Putting Out a Joint Mixtape: Listen to the First Song, "Count Up"

The Zaytoven-produced banger is the first release from 'Black Migo Paper Route,' which is dropping in July.

by Kyle Kramer
Jun 24 2016, 5:16pm

There are rappers who say stuff just to say stuff. And then there are rappers who don't mince words. Young Scooter and Young Dolph are two of the latter, and they make a natural team. Scooter's always been focused on making "count music"—i.e. music about counting money. Dolph's whole deal is the Paper Route Empire, and he's not talking about delivering newspapers. These guys don't begin a song together with any high-concept musical flourishes; they tell you to get your calculator and your money counter.

The song in question is "Count Up." It is produced by Zaytoven. A lot of it involves Scooter yelling the word "trap" over and over, which, why would you ever complain about that? And Dolph, with his inimitable sense of humor, drops drug trafficking gems like "got your baby mama on the road with pounds in her Corolla!" The result will probably blow out your Corolla's speaker system. Let it. This song rules.

But that's not all! Dolph and Scooter have teamed up for a full mixtape. It's tentatively called Black Migo Paper Route, but, Scooter explains, "right now it’s a working title... We gon’ put the power in the fans hands. If they tweet at us a different title that we fuck wit we’ll consider it." The tape is slated for July.

"You know me and Dolph go way back wit this music shit, and the streets have been asking for this joint project for a minute, so we listened," Scooter adds. The two most recently connected on "Real," which was also produced by Zaytoven.

"The streets were talking, so we delivered," Dolph says. "The streets will fuck with this come July." Yes they will. Get a taste of what to expect right now, on Noisey.

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