Hear the Club Banger "Go Off" from What Will Be MIA's Final Album

The artist confirmed in an interview with Annie Mac that this would be her final album, as she premiered the Skrillex and Blaqstarr produced "Go Off".

Jul 15 2016, 9:32am

We're lucky. We've had just over a decade of the enigma that is MIA, ever since she first push and shoved her to attention by dropping a six song Myspace demo tape that included the underground thumper "Galang"—a track that instantly shutdown grimy student house parties from Peckham to Pitlochry, and kickstarted a career during which she would specialise in creating art that actually meant something, pissing everyone off, and looking on point and inspiring at all times.

Last night, in an interview with Annie Mac, she confirmed rumors that forthcoming album AIM (out on September 9) would most likely be her final record, answering Annie's question: "Yeah. I think so. I want to go do some other stuff and take some time off." Before concluding that she would still make and release music in some form or another. Perhaps not as MIA? Who knows, mate.

For any MIA hardcore fans out there, by naming her album AIM she continues a tidy tradition of giving each album a significant name. Her debut album was her father's Tamil codename (Arular), her second album was her mother's name (Kala), her third album was her nickname (Maya), her fourth album was her real name (Matangi), and, tying it all in a knot, her final album is MIA spelled backwards (AIM). I mean, that's just lovely stuff isn't it?

Anyway, on Annie Mac last night she also dropped a brand new club banger from the final album called "Go Off", which is produced by Skrillex and Blaqstarr. If you like your drops to pull your trousers down and slap you on the arse, then this is the one.

Special mention: Sick self-directed drone visuals.