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Hallelujah, Lil B Has Lifted the BasedGod's Curse on Kevin Durant

World peace is now obtainable. Thank you, BasedGod.

by Phil Witmer
Jul 4 2016, 4:53pm

Image via YouTube

No beef in rap or sports has ever been as seismic as the one between Lil B and Kevin Durant. Over five years, the two Bay Area natives have exchanged blows over Twitter (but never in the court, much to B's chagrin) while Durant has felt the effects of the fabled "BasedGod's Curse." The beef reached its apex with Lil B's 2014 single "Fuck KD," a far better diss track than either Drake or Meek released and arguably one of the most powerful rap performances of the decade. Now, after Durant announced he would be leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to form a Gurren Lagann-esque fusion with Steph Curry (maybe) in the Golden State Warriors, the BasedGod himself declared that Durant's homecoming meant the curse would be lifted at last.

The BasedGod is merciful and forgiving, as evidenced by him killing a bug last night and showing remorse for all living things. This is a big day for BasedHumanity. Woop woop swag.

Phil Witmer has been preaching the BasedPhilosophies for a long time and knew this day would come. Follow him on Twitter because the BasedGod does, too.