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"Golden Days" by Shana Cleveland & the Sandcastles Is Mellow Magic

The La Luz singer debuts the first song from her forthcoming solo spin-off.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Mar 10 2015, 3:08pm

God love the multi-discplinary talent that is Shana Cleveland. Not only is the Seattle-based, long-limbed lady the frontwoman of girl crew La Luz, she's also an artist, and a total whizz at ping pong. Not content with busying herself with all the aforementioned projects, Cleveland also has another band with The Sandcastles. It's not a new thing—in fact she's been pal-ing around with this revolving crew of musicians under this moniker for the past six years—and yet it's only now that they're releasing debut album, Oh Man, Cover the Ground. Well, these things take time.

Don't worry La Luz are still fully intact it's just that according to Cleveland she wrote these songs over cumulative years and they're "meant to be played in quiet places, so they didn't make sense for a rock band."

Below is a taster from said album, a super mellow acoustic ditty with some very lush cellos. More cellos in popular music please. If you're down with Beck circa Sea Change you will most certainly dig this.

Cleveland had this to say about the track: "This song is about surprise perfect days you spend with someone that will never be anything more. When you're traveling and missing home and meeting people and leaving them over and over and the magic times when everything feels just right and you think, 'I should just stay here, maybe this could be my life.'"

Sighs. Sit back and sink in.

Oh Man, Cover the Ground will be released on 5.26 via Suicide Squeeze.

Kim Taylor Bennett would like to live in that kitchen and she's on Twitter.

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