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Jenn Ghetto of Carissa's Wierd is S, and You'll Be Glad You Were Invited To "Brunch"

Stream the new track from the un-Google-able artist, and look for the LP via Hardly Art

by John Hill
Aug 20 2014, 4:29pm

I’m no psychologist or anything, but melancholy music sure seems to bring together a lot of people. Being a big nerd who’s been to a lot of internet forums, people seem to be more likely to grow closer based on music that they’ve been able to blast when it feels like everything is hopeless, etc. A lot of bands fuck this up by sounding whiny and sappy instead of genuine, hence why there’s always essential records in this category. The new track by S won’t bum you out too hard, but you’ll want to keep it close.

S is the solo project of Jenn Ghetto, one of the founding members of sadcore darlings Carissa’s Wierd. If you’ve ever been really sad or bummed out you might have crossed paths with Carissa’s Wierd. The band blended a huge array of instruments with relatable, universal lyrics about depression and a general sense of sadness, to create some of the most memorable albums ever. Now Ghetto is back taking on a solo project, S, and she hasn’t lost a step since the band disbanded. Her new track “Brunch,” has splashes of what everyone connected to in Carissa’s Wierd, but with a sense of moving on. It takes the poppier moments of the previous band, and maximizes it, wrapping you up in a bittersweet jam that’s sure to bring you back, without getting too caught up in nostalgia.

Check out the song below, and look out for her new album, Cool Choices out September 23rd on Hardly Art records. Get yours.

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