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PREMIERE: SoCal Hardcore Band Response Find You All "Guilty"

Check out a track from their upcoming EP being released on Ned Russin of Title Fight’s new label

by Tony Rettman
Sep 24 2015, 7:37pm

Southern California has seen a significant resurgence as of late in regards to producing some very fine and very pissed off Hardcore. In the past few years, we’ve seen bands such as Fury, Drug Control, Discrepancy, Convict, Disapproval and Stoic Violence unleash some monster records which prove there is still some wild-eyed fight to be found in the land where American Hardcore initially kicked off.

Response are a band from that area who move around in the same circles as many of the fore mentioned bands; even sharing a member or two with some of them. Their debut seven inch e.p entitled There’s No Choice will be coming soon from X-Pectations, a label newly founded by Hardcore tastemaker and all around good guy, Title Fight’s Ned Russin. Until the e.p’s release later on this year, chew on this track from There’s No Choice called “Guilty”.

“Guilty” takes cues from the blast furnace assaults late 80’s SoCal bands such as No For An Answer, Hard Stance and Half Off used to dole out like candy in their time while keeping its feet planted firmly in the Hardcore aesthetic of the here and now. Don’t be “guilty” of being late to the game on Response. Check out the track and be pre-order There’s No Choice; it’s sure to be a late addition to the long list of great Hardcore releases to come out in 2015.