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PREMIERE: Get Swept Away by Progressive Black Metal on Hercyn's 'Dust and Ages'

Stream the folky Jersey City black metallers' new album in full.

by Kim Kelly
Aug 28 2015, 9:32pm

Photo by Eric Bujnowski

Progressive, atmospheric black metal bands are a dime a dozen, especially on this side of the pond, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to sift through the glut to unearth a few glints of gold here and there. Hercyn is one of those rare gems, and even come with the added bonus of a non-Cascadian area code—these guys are from Jersey City, which is probably the least pretentious city on the planet. While there are a lot of folky, Agalloch-inspired atmospheric flourishes to be found on the band's latest album, Dust and Ages, Hercyn don't slouch on the progressive front, either, from the moody, melodic expansiveness of the opening track to the gossamer noodling on "Storm Before the Flood" call up fond memories of Opeth's darker days.

It's out September 11 on CD, cassette, and digital, and is available for preorder now. Hercyn will also be playing a record release show in Brooklyn next week (September 4, to be exact) with Romania's own progressive black metal greats Negura Bunget. We're streaming it in full below so you can try before you buy (but, like, make sure to buy it, though, because supporting independent music is dope).

Upcoming live dates:

Sep 4th - Black Bear Bar - Brooklyn NY w/ Negura Bunget, Dynfari
Sep 26th - Shadow Woods Metal Fest - White Hall, Maryland. w/ Occultation, Midnight, Wormreich, Falls of Rauros, Velnias

Sep 27th - Funhouse, Jersey City, NJ - w/ Black Table, Sunrot