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Watch Lagwagon's Joey Cape Bring His Daughter's Doll to Life in "Stitch Puppy"

This is some pretty adorable stop-motion.

by Paul Blest
Aug 25 2015, 1:00pm

Out of all of the older punks to pick up an acoustic guitar in recent years, Joey Cape might be one of the best. The frontman for Lagwagon and Bad Astronaut has been releasing folk music under his own name since a 2004 split with the late Tony Sly, and he’s used the project as an outlet to grapple with growing older and losing friends, both themes that figured heavily in the last Lagwagon record, 2014’s Hang.

The first song from his new record Stitch Puppy, however, is a little bit on the lighter side of things. On the video for "This Life is Strange,” Cape makes a green doll handmade by his daughter—Stitch Puppy—come to life.

In the video, the namesake for the album explores, plays guitar, and longboards around town, while Cape muses about, well, the strangeness of life. His tone is never angry or confused, though—it’s one of acceptance, where Cape doesn’t try to explain the “measured mess,” but rather takes it for what it is. It’s a good song with an even cuter video; Cape's daughter's stop-motion is featured prominently throughout, and it's safe to say that she's probably a big hit with art teachers.

Stitch Puppy is out on September 4 from Fat Wreck. Catch Joey Cape on tour this fall throughout the US and Canada.