Meet the Guy Who Looks Like the Perfect Mashup of Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik

He's still in high school so go crazy, teens!

by Gabby Bess
Apr 8 2016, 5:35pm

Photo via David Carrera's Instagram

Last year—just as erstwhile teen singer Justin Bieber released his mea culpa, Purpose, and erstwhile boyband member Zayn Malik announced his plans to go solo—I found myself in tough spot. All my friends, family, and coworkers had parted into separate camps: Team Justin and Team Zayn. However, it wasn't their music that was up for debate. The question that tore us apart and against each other was, "Who is hotter?"

Luckily, Dr. Lisa Debruine, who runs the Face Research Lab at the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Glasgow, stepped in to decide the matter with science. Ultimately, she suggested, we should all put aside our differences and see the obvious answer before us: Why choose one when we can have both?

Using the Face Research Lab's average face generator, she created a perfect composite of the two post-teen heartthrob's perfect faces. And thus, Bieblik, our uncanny fantasy crooner, was born:

But presumably because we—the Broadly staff—are actual witches, our fake Bieblik has now manifested a real one. Earlier this week, David Carrera, an 18-year-old from Spain, appeared to the Internet like a beautiful vision out of Tiger Beat, causing Beliebers and One Directioners to come together for the first time in awe and harmony.

This man, they cried, is "the perfect combination of Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik." And it's true. With Zayn's dark eyebrows and wide eyes, and Justin's blonde hair, the resemblance is eerie.

Photo via @davidcarrer

Shocked by my prescience, I reached out to Carrera to see how he feels about his newfound notoriety. "I think that is quite a compliment," he said in an email. "The truth is that the girls give me a great welcome," he added when I asked him about his sudden fandom. As for the comparison, he admits that he "has a little resemblance."

Carrera, who lives in Spain, is currently in his second year of his bachillerato, the equivalent of high school in the US. He says he hopes to become a model, but he's also interested in becoming a designer. Adding to his doppelgänger bond with Justin and Zayn, he said he's "been singing since childhood."

And when I asked him who he liked better—both musically and looks-wise—he answered diplomatically: "I think the two singers are wonderful and I really like both."