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Light The Sky With Lasers When You Wish Upon This Tree

This LED-infused wish tree just might be responsible for Germany's last-minute World Cup victory.

by Beckett Mufson
Jul 14 2014, 2:40pm

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Created by the installation artists at MySquare, the Wish Tree, at Fusion Festival Berlin 2014, brings a new level of technologically-augmented beauty to one of humanity's most treasured sources of hope: by infusing a living tree with LED lights and lasers, they've drawn enormous crowds of mesmerized music festivalgoers around around this update a cross-culturally revered icon. According to it's description page, using the tree is simple: "1- You make a Wish. 2 – You push the Button that sends your wish to the universe through the tree thanks to light, laser & smoke." Once the wish is made, the tree fills up with a piercing luminescence, amplified by the surrounding smoke machines, that lets the crowd know that the wisher's desire has been fired into the heavens.

A 21st Century evolution on Yoko Ono's treasured project, while most wishing trees require offerings of charms, coins— even shoes, in some cases— the Fusion Festival Wish Tree requires only good vibes and bangin' grooves as tribute. Given Germany's last-minute World Cup triumph, we have a good feeling we know where many of those wishes went. 

If your wish is to find out more about the tree's creators, check out their website here, and get more information about the crazy escapades of Fusion 2014 here.


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