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You Can Now Finally Buy The Technics SL-1200G

by Alexander Iadarola
Oct 24 2016, 4:45pm

Photo courtesy of Technics

The saga that has been the return of Technics' SL-1200 turntable has taken some winding turns since it was first officially announced at the beginning of the year. People were thrilled when it was first announced, at least until they learned about the $4,000 price tag. Then the company's CTO explained why it's so expensive, citing manufacturing costs, and suggested that there may be a more affordable model on the horizon. Nonetheless didn't stop the limited edition SL-1200GAEs from selling out in Japan in just 30 minutes, though.

If this whole time you've just been patiently waiting to buy one of these direct drive turntables for yourself, that time is finally here. Technics announced in September at Berlin's IFA consumer electronics and trade show that they would be on sale by the end of that month, and retailers in the United States as well as European countries including England, Italy, and Germany are now sending happy customers out the door with them.

Technics has a list of retailers with the product on their website.

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