Animal Collective Reminds Us Why We Love Them on New Single, "FloriDada"

Their new album 'Painting With' will feature contributions from John Cale and Colin Stetson.

by Alexander Iadarola
Nov 30 2015, 7:41pm

Photo by Hisham Akira Bharoocha and Abby Portner

It's January 2009. You've been collecting bootlegs of Animal Collective concerts for months, wondering which of these enthralling, psychedelic jams will actually make it onto the next LP, and what they'll actually sound like once committed to tape in-studio. Then, Merriweather Post Pavilion comes out, and it's exactly the kaleidoscopic pop masterpiece you hoped for, going on to soundtrack the rest of your year.

Or not. Maybe you were never that into them and really didn't get it. If you relate to the above, though, then the new AnCo single "FloriDada" will definitely, maybe make you smile, especially if you weren't paying attention the last couple of years. It's saccharine, lithe yet sludgy, and built around that classic Avey Tare/Panda Bear b2b harmony scenario.

The track's our first glimpse the group's upcoming eleventh LP Painting With, which Tare, real name Dave Portner, describes in the press release as "really short songs: no B.S, get in, get out material..." The record is informed by art like Dadaism and Cubism and the human experience, and is set to feature contributions from John Cale and Colin Stetson. Give "FloriDada" a spin below, be on the look out for the full length, due February 11 on Domino.

Album art and tracklist after the jump.

Painting With art by Brian DeGraw


1. FloriDada
2. Hocus Pocus
3. Vertical
4. Lying In The Grass
5. The Burglars
6. Natural Selection
7. Bagels In Kiev
8. On Delay
9. Spilling Guts
10. Summing The Wretch
11. Golden Gal
12. Recycling

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