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DJing with a Desktop iMac Is Badass, and F*ck the H8rs

Real DJs rock a party regardless of their gear, so why are some wack bloggers getting all classist about one DJ’s computer?

by Max Pearl
May 6 2014, 9:05pm

Image via @K15Music on Twitter

"Can you believe that there are people who can't afford more than one multi-thousand dollar computer?" The Do Androids Dance staff chuckled at each other in their Midtown Manhattan office, while sipping coconut water and staring at the Syracuse and Skidmore degrees framed on their desks. "I totally forgot that there are people less fortunate than us! We should write a blog post making fun of them."

That's sort of how I imagine the conversation taking place on Friday before the DAD staff decided to knock this guy's hustle for not having state-of-the-art equipment. "I just hope this is his 'DJ iMac,' and not his 'everything in my life is on this iMac,'" the site's editor-in-chief wrote in a May 3 blog post, in response to a photo that surfaced on Twitter.

Any wise DJ or true house head knows that it isn't the gear that makes the mix. If you're a real DJ stuck with iTunes and an air horn app on your phone, you find a way to rock the party. Having personally carried an iMac for DJ friends who didn't want to shell out an extra $1,300 just so they could look like every other DJ on the block, I can tell you firsthand, they're not that heavy.

So next time you take shots at a homie for not having the right kind of Apple product, let us consider that not everyone went to prep school, has the privilege to intern for free at Complex, or even gives a shit about what you think. DJing is about the music anyway. Right, guys?