Motherboard Panel Livestream: Freedom of Information in Reverse

Motherboard is hosting a panel on digital freedom at Berlin's Transmediale festival. Watch here.

Jan 29 2015, 11:25am

​Image: Motherboard

Watch the livestream of Motherboard's panel on surveillance and whistleblowing at Berlin's Transmediale festival here.

Our German office presents a panel discussion on the surveillance state and the future of digital freedom of information, featuring WikiLeaks editor Sarah Harrison alongside US whistleblowers Thomas Drake, William Binney, and Jesselyn Radack. Binney, a former NSA intelligence officer, was last week awarded the 2015 Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence.

The discussion will be preceded by a screening of director James Spione's new documentary Silenced, which looks at surveillance post-9/11 and the consequences of whistleblowing, and features Drake and Radack. Last year, ​Lucy Teitler reviewed the film and two other recent documentaries about freedom of information.