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Keep Calm and Listen to ANAMAI’s Tranquil New Song, “Crossing”

It’s off the duo’s forthcoming album, ‘What Mountain,’ due out April 28 on Halocline Trance.

by Krystal Rodriguez
Apr 14 2017, 4:46pm

Photo by Jennifer Warne

Experimental folk duo ANAMAI—made up of Toronto artists Anna Mayberry and David Psutka (a.k.a. Egyptrixx)—today shared a new song, "Crossing" from their forthcoming album What Mountain. Guided gently along by steady guitar plucks, Mayberry's subdued vocals float among a thick fog of moody atmospherics. Electronic ephemera shimmer just out of reach, like rain tapping on the other side of a window. 

Over email, ANAMAI had this to say about the track: "Your palm is held gently by the surface of a cool, still body of water at seven in the morning. Knowing that there is something deep, something far, you choose to stay. This song is for remaining afloat. For staying on course, living small between water and sky, and knowing that if you lose touch with either, if the boundary is transgressed, you may never come back up or down."

What Mountain is ANAMAI's second album following 2015's Sallows. It's out on April 28 via Psutka's Halocline Trance label.