Astro Guide

Capricorn, November 2017

Welcome to Scorpio season!

by Annabel Gat; illustrated by Nicole Ginelli
Nov 1 2017, 2:00pm

Life, as you know, dear Capricorn, is complicated, and the start of November is no exception. On one hand, we'll have some supportive energy around your career and reputation when sweet Venus meets with your planetary ruler, Saturn, on November 3, as well as fantastic opportunities to have fun with friends and meet new, creative, inspiring people when the Sun meets with Neptune on the same day.

But also on November 3 (or 4th if you're on the East Coast), Venus will oppose Uranus, bringing some surprising changes in both your personal and private life, as well as a full moon in Taurus, which will mark the climax of a situation concerning your love life and your creative pursuits. Full moons are emotionally overwhelming, so expect some drama in your life— especially concerning relationships that are supposed to be fun and easy.

Communication planet Mercury enters visionary Fire sign Sagittarius on November 5, activating a very psychic sector of your chart. This is a fantastic time to start keeping dream journal and to practice meditation—your inner voice will deliver some profound messages. You'll find yourself feeling quieter than usual, and more interested in poetry than hard data.

Scorpio season (the season we're in at the start of this month) has revealed so much information to you, and while Mercury is in Sagittarius, you're going to want to take some time alone to process it all and figure out where you want to go next.

Love-and-money planet Venus enters sexy Water sign Scorpio on November 7, finding us all craving deeper intimacy in all of our partnerships. You, Capricorn, will find yourself especially longing for stronger connections within your friendships as well as in romance. Venus in Scorpio is a great time for you to connect with your community, or even form a coven—we all need a crew we can trust and count on!

Your ruling planet, Saturn, makes a harmonious connection with Uranus on November 11, which is fantastic for making changes and taking risks.

November 13 is an especially lucky day for you to connect with others, as Venus will be connecting with the planet of good fortune, Jupiter. November 16 is another day to circle on your calendar, which is when Venus connects with Neptune, bringing some love poems your way.

Your ruling planet, Saturn, makes a harmonious connection with Uranus on November 11, which is fantastic for making changes and taking risks. You'll notice this energy play out in your personal life, especially at home or with your family. Traditions are evolving, which is exciting!

Messenger planet Mercury squares off with hazy, dreamy Neptune on November 13, making for some confusing communications, so save an important conversation for another time. Avoid paranoid thinking. You're usually pretty down to earth, Capricorn, but today you will may be swayed by collective thinking, which is very unlike you. A better time for communication will be November 17, when Mercury connects with the planet of war, Mars, making this a good time to strategize. People will be in the mood to work together to get shit done,

The new moon in Scorpio arrives on November 18, marking a fresh start within your friendships, as well as the groups and communities to which you belong. Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, and your social life certainly has gone through some endings. Now, a new beginning is here. It's a great time to network, socially and professionally, and to meet new people. Your goals are majorly important to you, Capricorn, so it's key that you surround yourself with people who cheer you on.

Aggressive energy arrives on November 19 when warrior Mars squares off with the lord of the underworld, Pluto. Don't pick any fights today; everything will be blown way out of proportion, especially at work. If you get into an argument with someone, even if it's unrelated to your job, don't be surprised if everyone hears about it—things in your life will feel very public at this time.

Easier vibes will flow when Venus connects with Pluto on November 21. Venus is the planet of seduction, and Pluto holds the keys to hidden, valuable resources, making this a fantastic day to work with others around making more getting deeper emotionally. Watch out for the powerful people you may meet today.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21, illuminating a very private, quiet sector of your chart and encouraging you to make time to spend alone and catch up on rest. Sagittarius is a sign people think of as a party animal, but in truth, Sagittarius are also very studious and philosophical. Make time to catch up on your favorite books and to study something which inspires you.

A life-hack of some sort that will make your emotional life (or, on a more mundane level, issues concerning your living situation) easier arrives when Mercury connects with the planet of genius and innovation, Uranus, on November 25. The energy around this time of the month will be fast paced and spontaneous—not really your speed, Capricorn, but things should run smoothly even though surprises are likely to pop up.

The energy will be more grounded— and stubborn— when Mercury meets Saturn, on November 27 (or 28th, if you're on the East Coast). People will be in a serious mood, and commitment will be on everyone's mind. A contract may come your way today. Ask someone else to help you look it over—really, any communication you partake in, even if it's not concerning an important contract, would benefit from you getting outside perspective, since you will likely not feel as focused as usual during Sagittarius season (again, Sag season wants you to catch up on rest, not be especially active), and you may miss some important details. Good luck this month, Capricorn, and see you in December!