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2 Chainz Turned His Pink Trap House Into an HIV Testing Center

The Atlanta installation has also hosted a church service.

by Lauren O'Neill
Jul 5 2017, 1:42pm

2 Chainz' Pretty Girls Like Trap Music was released last month to a great deal of acclaim, and just before its release, he brought the album's artwork to life, with an IRL pink trap house installation in Atlanta. The house's official function is as an art gallery, though it's recently adapted its purposes.

Last Sunday (July 2), for example, it opened its doors for a church service hosted by Pastor Michael Wortham, who told Fox 5 Atlanta about the motivations for doing so: "We can't listen to the music without really addressing the systemic issues and the systematic oppression that causes the trap to even exist and so that's the reason we pulled together 'Trap Church'—to really to talk about the other side of the trap, to talk about how we as a community have a responsibility to come together and help our brothers and sisters who are facing these tough situations."

This Tuesday, the house served another community function: it doubled as a free HIV testing center. Along with the Fulton Board of Health, and other organizations Test Atlanta and Atlanta Aids, 2 Chainz posted on Instagram that the installation would, for one day only, work as a screening facility:

Obviously this speaks to the sort of social responsibility that Pastor Wortham touched upon: he called for those in the trap community to care for their less fortunate peers, and in providing the space for this sort of care, 2 Chainz has set a precedent for other artists to get involved where they can.

According to The Fader, the lease for the Trap House is on Thursday, but it may be extended. Here's hoping that it is, bringing more of these extremely cool community focused initiatives with it.

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(Image via thepinktraphouse on Instagram)

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