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Waxahatchee's Transformative New Album 'Out In The Storm' Is Streaming Now

Hear the fourth solo LP from Katie Crutchfield via NPR, ahead of its July 14 release.

by Lauren O'Neill
Jul 10 2017, 3:20pm

Katie Crutchfield, or Waxahatchee as she's known professionally these days, is dope, to put it succinctly. She's also currently gearing up to the release of Out In The Storm, her fourth album under the Waxahatchee moniker, which is officially available to buy and stream on Friday (July 14), though you can hear it via NPR right now.

Featuring the singles "Never Been Wrong" and "Silver," the album catches Crutchfield in a transitional, post-breakup period. And, to be honest, thank goodness, because what ensues is a sharp, pop-inflected record that showcases all of her greatest talents: irresistible songwriting, throwback instrumentation, and a distinctive, wise, listenable vocal that leaves every word dripping with meaning. Listen via the link above and be grateful to the universe for Katie Crutchfield.

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