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Guantanamo Baywatch Go Filthy on “Video,” Announce New Album ‘Desert Center’

The Portland, Oregon garage-surf trio's fourth LP is out August 4.

by Alex Robert Ross
May 24 2017, 4:24pm

Guantanamo Baywatch have spent the past eight years building a beach inside their garage. They've slicked surf-rock's salty hair back, jacked doo-wop melodies up on distortion and bad intentions, and rebuilt Dick Dale's riffy showmanship around carnal pop ideals. The Portland, Oregon trio's three studio albums—2010's Postcard From the Tar Pitz, 2012's Chest Crawl, and 2015's brilliant Darling… It's Too Late—were summer records for dive bar drinkers: hot, sweaty, wonderfully off-balance, and shamelessly, tomorrow-ruiningly fun.

Today the band are premiering a new track on Noisey, "Video," which you can hear below. It's a playful, curled-lip rock 'n' roll track that's driven by a grubby, hurried bassline. It stops and starts to allow Jason Powell a moment of shame: he was in a video, he did some things that he wasn't proud of, we'll just have to assume the worst.

The track comes alongside the announcement of a fourth LP, Desert Center, out August 4 on Suicide Squeeze. "As a live band that spends most our time on the road, there are certain special considerations that must be taken into account when recording a new album," the band wrote in a statement to Noisey. "The primary one being, 'how drunk can I get and still play these songs?' With that in mind, we feel our fourth album, Desert Center, is the most successful yet—nine carefully crafted cuts that should prove to be not only fun for the general dip-shit show-goer to listen to, but also well within the bands (limited) technical proficiency when playing live."

Check out the album artwork and listen to "Video" below.

Lead photo: Todd Walberg.

Alex Robert Ross is a dip-shit show-goer who once saw Guantanamo Baywatch open for Dick Dale. Follow him on Twitter.

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