An Illuminati Expert Explains How to Get More Women in the Illuminati

If lizard women want to have a seat at the table to plan the new world order, they've got to lean in.
March 7, 2017, 12:50pm
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When you ask people to think of an alleged high profile female member of the Illuminati, they overwhelmingly name Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. Dig a little deeper, though, and you'll realize they usually can't name anyone else. Although it's tempting to point to the supposed presence of three high-profile women in the Illuminati and assume that everything's fine, it's not. Their alleged inclusion doesn't make the wider structural problems around female Illuminati representation go away. When it comes to our corrupt, global establishment elite, it's overwhelmingly male, pale, and stale—and this needs to change.

Some people might say, who really cares if absurdly privileged women are getting a seat at the Bilderberg table? But true equality only comes when the voices of women are taken into account when our lizard overlords plan our new world order.

I wanted to find out more about how the legendary global secret society fares when it comes to gender equality, but finding a reputable Illuminati expert proved surprisingly difficult, for the simple reason that most Illuminati experts appear to be anti-Semitic, as well as being awful people who believe that the most powerful secret society in the world comprises of historically oppressed religious groups, as opposed to rich white guys who went to Harvard Business School and Wharton.

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Eventually I found a relatively sane Illuminati expert who goes under the name of Isaac Weishaupt. He is the founder of Illuminati Watcher, a website dedicated to uncovering the hidden symbolism in popular culture and author of important articles such as, "Is The Weeknd Illuminati or Christian?" and "Kanye West: The Rise and Fall of an Illuminati Mind Controlled Alien". Weishaupt even describes himself as a feminist! Truly, he is the pearl at the center of the Illuminati triangle.

Just to be certain, though, I figured I better double-check Weishaupt wasn't anti-Semitic before we got started—so I asked him if he was anti-Semitic. He said he wasn't, but just to really catch him out, I asked him how he felt about Jewish people. Turns out, Weishaupt feels pretty good about them! Here's his analysis of how to increase female representation in the Illuminati.

Madonna, another high-profile female Illuminati member, performing at the Superbowl 2012. Screengrab via YouTube

BROADLY: Hi Isaac, thanks for talking to me! Firstly, can you explain who the Illuminati actually are?
Isaac Weishaupt: The best I can gleam from ploughing through dozens of books and websites is that it's this secretive group that has an alternate belief system and version of history that the masses are aware of. And this ultimate belief system is part of an occult system, because a lot of the future they want to build incorporates these ideas of worshipping pagan deities and ceremonial ritual magic. What they want is to gain power and wealth and steer the masses to a new reality.

Would you say the Illuminati are mostly male-dominated?
If you look at the groups that claim to be part of the Illuminati, they're usually male groups, like the Bohemian Grove or the Freemasons. That's not to say there's not a female role in the Illuminati, per se. For example, the Order of the Eastern Star is a Freemason group that allows women in, and if you look at its logo, it's an inverted pentagram—which indicates it's an Illuminati group.

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What is the place of women in the Illuminati new world order?
I view the role of women in this new world order as kind of suppressive. Because the Illuminati want women to be the channels of these ancient goddess spirits. The pentagram symbol is a symbol for Venus, and this kind of goddess symbolism feeds into the role that the Illuminati have for women.

How do you think the broad membership of the Illuminati view the role of women?
The Illuminati want to destroy the world as we know it and rebuild their own belief system, and part of that includes destroying the family unit. That's something we hear a lot of theorists talking about, and often that theory veers into really homophobic and sexist territory. So they'd want separation as much as possible, promoting division to keep us distracted and fighting amongst each other. Other theorists claim that the feminist movement is part of this breakdown, but I disagree, I support equality for women. I believe the Illuminati want women to play their role in this future world, and that means channelling goddess entities and using women for magical purposes... But there aren't many women in the Illuminati because their future world doesn't really allow them the freedom to do what they want.

Would you say the Illuminati are inherently misogynistic?
Some groups that are tied in with the Illuminati, like the Church of Satan, are actually broadly supportive of women's rights. So I don't know if we can say the Illuminati are definitely misogynistic. But I think it would be a male dominated order in the future world that they want.

Can we talk about Beyoncé? A lot of people view her Sasha Fierce persona as Illuminati-inspired.
So if we look at Beyoncé, a lot of people believe she was mind-controlled. But she's spoken about how she felt this spirit come into her that she uses to perform, and that spirit was Sasha Fierce. When you look at the symbolism around that period, she's wearing the Roc Nation diamond, which is a manifestation of the magical symbol used by Anton LaVey of the Church of Satan. She also had this concert tour called, I Am Sasha Fierce, and she wore a goat on her shirt. That's occult symbolism. And then a few years later she talks about how she managed to merge her personality with Sasha Fierce, and what she means is that she used occult practices to merge the two within her, her light and dark side.

You said before that you're a feminist. Why is it important that women be equally represented in the Illuminati?
[Laughs]. I don't want the Illuminati to be a thing. Regardless of who's being represented.

You just want to get rid of the Illuminati altogether rather than increase female membership?

Do you think the Illuminati would be less evil if they had more women in it?
Men are traditionally more violent, so probably they'd be less violent if they had more women.

Final thing: Can I just double-confirm you're not anti-Semitic?
I don't go there. I don't want people to think I'm anti-Semitic. That's not me.

You definitely don't have a problem with Jewish people or anything?