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Watch Some Young Girls Sing the 'Official Donald Trump Jam' at a Rally in Florida

If the Republican presidential hopeful has any modicum of smarts, he'll dump his limp campaign video and focus on getting these dancing girls onto every TV in the country.

by River Donaghey
Jan 14 2016, 8:52pm

On Wednesday night, Donald Trump spoke to 10,000 supporters in Pensacola, Florida. He spent the whole time calling the Obama Administration "stupid," saying Bernie Sanders was "crazy," and asserting that America is now "a country that doesn't win," which is to say that the whole thing ended up being a pretty standard hour of Trump fun.

But before all that, while the Donald was talking the expected shit about Nikki Haley and Jeb Bush and Syrian refugees, something decidedly unexpected happened: a trio of young girls called the Freedom Kids broke into song and gave a rousing performance of a song titled "The Official Donald Trump Jam." The impromptu concert came complete with a synchronized dance routine and lyrics like "Enemies of freedom face the music / c'mon boys, take them down." It happened and it was glorious.

Fox 10 Phoenix, not one to let such an incredible display of patriotism go unnoticed, released the whole performance online and it is easily the greatest piece of Trump propaganda ever created. What could better win over a population of voters than a bunch of children in red, white, and blue outfits lip-syncing the word "Ameri-tude"?

If Trump has any modicum of smarts, he'll dump that limp campaign video and just start hemorrhaging money trying to get these girls onto every TV station in the country. Give the video a watch above and marvel at our modern world.

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