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Skrillex is Recording New Music With From First To Last, So It’s Time to Cut a Fringe Back In

Dear Diary, This Is The Best News I’ve Heard All Year

by Lauren O'Neill
Nov 25 2016, 3:12pm

Before Skrillex was Skrillex, he was Sonny Moore, and I fancied him. He also had an incredible Myspace page which we reflected on extensively here. When he left his emo band From First To Last in 2007 due to vocal cord injuries, Sonny left a trail of teen girls' hearts and fake lip piercings in his wake and, against all odds, became the EDM behemoth we know and tolerate today.

From First To Last reformed without Skrillex in 2013, and back in July he played a previously unheard collaboration with them on his Beats 1 radio show. Now, however, video footage which appears to show him recording new vocals for the band has emerged (via Reddit user CakeSoul) and it actually looks like it might be legit.

Very much hoping that this means that From First To Last will be reforming their original lineup, triggering a full emo revival for 2017. Eyeliner sharpened, nails painted black, propensity for pallid looking lead singers with unkempt, poorly dyed hair locked and loaded: I am ready.

Watch the footage below:

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(Image by Brennan Schnell)