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This Scorching Mix from Conducta Offers a Taste of UK Garage's New Generation

We also scored a chat with the Bristol native about what new UKG producers you need to be listening to.

by David Garber
May 20 2016, 7:41pm

UK garage has been heating up rooms across the world since the early 90s, with pioneering names like DJ EZ, MJ Cole, Artful Dodger and even Craig David leading the genre's initial charge from the depths of pirate radio all the way to the mainstream. These days the sound is still getting rinsed in the club and worked in the studio—taking detours along the way to shape-shift into offshoots like grime and 2-step—and in addition to the aforementioned old guard (who are still going strong), a new generation of producers have popped up to carry the torch.

Enter Conducta, a young Bristol-native who's garnered a bit acclaim for layering steely garage clangs upon classic R&B top lines—resulting in party-ready dancefloor beasts with a nostalgic flair. Along with premiering a scorching new mix from the young talent, we caught up with Conducta for a quick chat where we hear about his upcoming gigs with MJ Cole, as well as his thoughts on the new generation of garage producers he's helping push. Check out the mix below, as well as the brief Q&A below that.

THUMP: What's going on with the UK Garage scene at the moment that we should know about?
Conducta: The scene is gently bubbling along with lots of new producers coming to the forefront, plus lineups are getting more exciting with a blend of old and new school artists. And with Craig David climbing back up the charts, the underground community is also rearing its head. However there's currently a gap between more recent producers and the old guard of the genre. Hopefully I'll be bridging that sooner rather than later.

Who are some other young producers we should know about?
TC4 are a production duo whose sound is really distinctive—rate them highly. There's other producers like Bad Habitz who's making quality garage. Recently there's also been a rise of producers making more 4x4 bass orientated stuff which can be seen as offshoot of traditional UK Garage—on that side of things Notion is definitely someone to look out for.

You've got some gigs coming up with MJ Cole. Tell us a bit about that.
Yeah we're playing together in Bristol on the 20th and London at the Nest on the 29th. Matt's style has been one of my production influences and we've also been in the studio together too which has been exciting. I'm looking forward to showcasing that and lots of more exclusive stuff at my shows.