Iglooghost Drops a Sugar High New Single

"Peanut Choker" is from the forthcoming 'Little Grids' EP.

Mar 4 2016, 9:48pm

Photo by Fabrice Bourgelle, courtesy of Brainfeeder

We were introduced to Iglooghost after the Los Angeles-based label Brainfeeder dropped his Chinese Nü Yr EP last year. Now the UK producer has announced the Little Grids EP, a collection of previously unreleased B-sides, along with the release of a new single.

"Peanut Choker" is a colorful and spasmodic work that sounds as though the producer had plugged stereo cables into candy bars. The track that could score a children's video game as well as it could entertain a venue full of people, and not surprisingly the visual accompaniments to Iglooghost's live show supposedly feature the adventures of a gummy glow-worm named Xianjiao. Listen to it below.

Iglooghost is currently on his full length album debut for Brainfeeder and will also be performing at this year's SXSW. Read more info about that here and check out the tracklist for Little Grids, out March 18, and listen to "Peanut Choker" below.

Little Grids tracklist:

1. Peanut Choker
2. Chinchou / Melon Lantern Girl's Choir
3. Gold Tea (feat. Charlotte Day Wilson)
4. Peanut Choker (Maxo Remix)
5. Peanut Choker (Slugabed Remix)

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