Nevada Joins Eight Other States In Flipping Off Anti-LGBT Attitudes

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May 18 2017, 2:02pm

It's never too late: The Canadian government is saying an official "I'm sorry" to all citizens that have been discriminated against because of their sexuality. The Special Adviser on LGBT Issues to the Prime Minister dropped the news on May 17, which happens to be the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. A formal apology from government may include pardons and compensation, and hopefully an edible arrangement fruit bouquet.

One step forward, two steps back: In a backward effort to integrate Muslim immigrants, the Austrian parliament has banned face-covering veils from public spaces. Women caught wearing a niqab or a burqa can be slammed with a fine of 150 euros ($167). Unfortunately, this is a trend that other European countries have already put in place, including France in 2010, Belgium in 2011 and Germany is expected to the same later this year. Muslim Austrian women don't seem deterred by the Islamophobia and took to the streets protest.

Major win for equality: The Republican Governor of Nevada signed a law that bans conversion therapy, a misguided and dangerous practice of trying to change someone's gender identity or sexuality. This new legislation will defend young LGBT people across the state. Nevada is now one of eight socially progressive states that have given the middle finger to anti-LGBT bigotry. Let's hope the other states follow suit because it doesn't look like there will be any federal oversight anytime soon.

Bug off! People seriously got sick from a pesticide that Scott Pruitt, Trump's pick to head the EPA, didn't ban despite known health risks. The chemical has been banned for about 15 years, but, in a genius move, Pruitt lifted the ban and people are literally dropping like flies.

Protests turn violent in DC: There was absolute mayhem outside the Turkish Embassy on May 16, following Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, visit to Washington D.C. What began as a peaceful protest against Turkey's involvement in the Syrian civil war, erupted into an all out melee when Erdogan's security personnel attacked the protestors. The bloodied mess was all caught on video and ended with nine hospital admissions and two arrests.

The "Generes" Queen: Nick Minaj, iconic female rap legend, is adding philanthropist to her list of achievements. A couple of weeks ago the mega celeb got on Twitter and offered to pay her fans college tuition and students loans. After the Oprah-esque charity spree, Minaj followed up with a statement on Instagram that she would be starting an educational charity. This move gets her both a round of applause and a standing ovation.

Truth is stranger than fiction: Avengers filmmaker Joss Whedon created a short film of a dystopian world in which Planned Parenthood doesn't exist. The three-minute video tackles everything from birth control to educational services and shows just how imperative the organization's work is. The video will give you all the feels, but here's how you can support Planned Parenthood's mission.