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In eSports, 30-Year-Olds Are Considered ‘Seniors’

Your old ass gets its own gaming age bracket.

by Samantha Cole
May 5 2017, 8:20pm

Image: Shutterstock

If you remember a world before the internet, before eSports was a word that made any sense, and before anyone could win several thousand dollars by playing a video game really, really well, you're in luck: There's a place for you, an over-30-year-old senior citizen.

The DreamHack Summer 2017 tournament for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has announced its side tournament categories: Junior, senior, and female, alongside the open-for-all tournament. They're not divided by how long you've been playing CS:GO, but how many years you've spent on this godforsaken planet. And, uh, your gender, for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I guess it's possible that this is an attempt to attract more women to eSports and gaming in general, but... no, fuck it, this category makes no sense. Moving along.

Before you get your blood pressure up about being categorized as a "senior" at 30, remember that reaction times peak and begin to decline after age 24. The older you get, the more you rely on strategy and efficiency to find an edge.

This is the first time DreamHack will hold age-specific tournaments. "We want to test and see if the interest is out there, but ultimately we wanna answer the question—Who's the best CS:GO Junior player out there?" Tomas Lyckedal, Chief Brand Officer at DreamHack said in the announcement. Sounds like they're prepared to find the Best Gamer Teens even if it means putting women and aging 30-year-olds in their own category.

The top players in these side tournaments will receive around $1,136.

So please, rest your aching old bones, Senior Gamers. There's still a place for you in eSports.

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