Biker Takes Huge Fall off Cliff, Still Finishes Run

This is insane and should never happen.
October 17, 2015, 9:33pm

I'm not sure how Nicholi Rogatkin was allowed to finish the course after taking this insane fall off a freaking cliff, but the event is called "Red Bull Rampage," so that's probably a partial explanation. Rogatkin says he was a little out of control before reaching a particularly gnarly part of the course and his "front wheel washed out the wrong way and sent me flying down a cliff."

Amazingly, Rogatkin was fine after the crash, save for a bloodied face. Medics immediately checked him out, but he got up quickly on his own and basically walked it off. Even though he admitted "while I was tumbling down this cliff, you know, I was just waiting to go unconscious," Rogatkin still got back on his bike and finished the course, which included still more insane jumps, narrow paths, and a backflip.

It was apparently the biggest crash in the 10-year history of the event, which, holy shit I hope so.