Jarvis Landry Scampered 50 Yards for Touchdown and the Dolphins are Destroying the Texans

The Dolphins are absolutely crushing the Texans.

by Sean Newell
Oct 25 2015, 5:30pm

Jarvis Landry returns punts for Miami, earlier this year he scored on a 69-yard return, and this 50-yard slashing run almost looks like one. It wasn't, though. Ryan Tannehill found him down the sideline on first-and-ten from midfield and as soon as he caught the ball and turned upfield, he side-stepped his first victim, and then cut all the way across to the other sideline and weaved his way through a Houston defense that looks covered in grease.

Ryan Tannehill is unstoppable with 201 yards and four touchdowns and Miami is crushing Houston 35-0 in the first half. Making things worse for the Texans is the last seven came courtesy of to this Brian Hoyer interception returned 23 yards by Reshad Jones for a touchdown.