Busta Rhymes Arrested for Throwing Protein Shake at Gym Worker

Busta Rhymes was arrested after splashing water and throwing a protein drink at a gym employee. Woo-hah!

by Sean Newell
Aug 6 2015, 8:26pm

We've all been there. You're trying to bring in a camera guy to your gym in Chelsea to get some sweet vid of you working out, and some no-name chump behind a desk thinks he's gonna get tough and not let your guy in. You say OK, take the high road, and leave. But then you come back the next day and Desk Chump won't let you in, even though you didn't even bring the camera guy this time. That's when you bust out the big guns and throw some water and a protein shake at him.

"Things got heated. Busta splashed water on him and the employee threw water back. Busta's security got between them," said Sean Aird, 23, a bodybuilder from Brooklyn. "The cops came and (the employee) kept changing his story."

Oh! Oh shit! We almost had a real situation on our hands, but reports are neither involved party is the Wicked Witch of the West, so everyone is OK. Apparently friction had been brewing between these two for some time and this was the tipping point. After all the commotion, Busta was arrested for the incident and as you can see from this forensic evidence collected by the New York Daily News, it was a messy commotion.

Said Busta after he was released by a judge, "it's stupid." Busta's attorney joined in the sentiment, noting "It's ridiculous, it was literally a bottle of Muscle Milk."


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