Subway Tunnel Supercut Shows Symmetry Under the City

Forget about NYC’s impending subway crisis with ‘Deeper Underground,’ a short that finds beauty in the dwellings of public transport.

by Nathaniel Ainley
Jun 28 2017, 2:32pm

The Tube has been an integral part of London's history for the last 150 years. Serving roughly 1.37 billion passengers every year, the city's underground is a shining example of how public transportation is supposed to work. Some think it's an ant farm for humans, but UK-based creative studio, In Return, sees it as a brilliant display of provocative architecture. For their new supercut, Deeper Underground, In Return's Guus ter Beek & Tayfun Sarier scoured the underground capturing some of the Tube's most exquisite tunnels, focusing on the beautiful symmetry created underneath the city's streets. The studio writes, "The infinite tunnels pull us in with their symmetry. The ceiling lights guide our eyes to the horizon. The tiles and posters form patterns that please the eye. The echoes of rushing crowds, a flickering light, a train zooming by." Watch Deeper Underground in its entirety below:

Check out more work by In Return on their website.


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