Someone Live-Tweeted Greta Gerwig Heckling Amy Schumer's New Movie


by River Donaghey
May 10 2018, 4:16pm

Gerwig photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for Time

Amy Schumer's latest movie, I Feel Pretty, is basically an inverted version of Shallow Hal, only with SoulCycle-induced head trauma filling in for Tony Robbins. Also like Shallow Hal, it's, uh, apparently not very good.

But on Wednesday afternoon, Twitter user Jaye Hunt apparently decided to brave the bad reviews and go see I Feel Pretty anyway—and she wound up getting a lot more than just a mediocre movie. According to Hunt, Lady Bird director Greta Gerwig also happened to drop in to watch it—giving a loud, play-by-play account of exactly what she thought of the thing.

Hunt, who was mostly alone in the theater until Gerwig and her friends showed up, then did exactly what you're supposed to do when the Patron Saint of Sacramento happens to sit down in front of you and start heckling a midweek matinee: Live-tweet the entire two-hour experience.


To be fair, we can't be certain that was actually Greta Gerwig in the theater, but Hunt told Junkee she was "99.9% sure" she had the right person. Regardless, the idea of Gerwig bellowing "IN. COMP. RE. HENSIBLE!" in the middle of a quiet theater is so glorious, you kind of have to assume it's true. It doesn't sound like Saoirse Ronan ever did show up, for whatever reason. She was probably busy checking out Overboard next door.

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