Future's New Song Sounds like Future, Which Is Good If You Like Future

"Absolutely Going Brazy" came out early Tuesday morning. It sounds like a Future song.

by Alex Robert Ross
Mar 27 2018, 2:14pm

Image via screenshot

Hoarse-throated Auto-Tune enthusiast Future has released a new single. "Absolutely Going Brazy," released early Tuesday morning, covers familiar ground, the 36-year-old ticking off mentions of Xanax, his son, the streets, a helicopter, etc. I'm pretty sure he's sampling The xx's "Angels" here and, being the Ambien of music, their presence would make some sense.

It comes with a slick video of Future playing live, riding around in cars, and being a rich person. Watch it at the top of the page, and feel free to admire Future's ever-presence, if you're into that.

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