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Peverelist Announces New Album on Livity Sound

'Tessellations' is nine tracks long and will be out on May 26.

by Alexander Iadarola
May 3 2017, 4:14pm

Photo courtesy of the artist.

Bristolian producer Tom Ford, a.k.a. Peverelist, today announced his upcoming third album, Tessellations. The record marks his first solo release since 2015's Undulate / Grit single, and will be released on Livity Sound, the bass-centric label he founded with Kowton and Asusu in 2011.

Tessellations follows his 2014 sophomore LP 12000 Seconds on MAGIC + DREAMS and 2009's Jarvik Mindstate album, on Punch Drunk.

Last year, THUMP sat down with Ford and the other Livity Sound founders to discuss how they've attempted to forge a new path outside of established genres.

The album will be out on May 26 and is available for pre-order now.

Tessellations tracklist:

1. Burning Sea
2. Under Clearing Skies
3. Still Early
4. Sheer Chance Matters
5. Wireframes
6. Slice Of Life
7. Further Inland
8. Brinks and Limits
9. Plateau

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