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Enjoy this Extremely Sexual, 17-Minute Cover That Just Appeared on Kanye's Soundcloud

Welcome to 'Bed: Yeezy Season 5,' with vocals courtesy of The-Dream.

by Lauren O'Neill
Feb 28 2017, 2:41pm

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK. 

OK, before we get started I just want to clear this up: "Bed Yeezy Season 5" is not a Kanye West song. It's not even a new song, and Kanye West isn't even actually on this song (vocals come courtesy of The-Dream). From "what we know" it is probably the case that Kanye had relatively little to do with the production of this song. But it did soundtrack his Yeezy Season 5 show at New York Fashion week, and it is on his Soundcloud, so, therefore: we decree it is Kanye-related news.

The track is a reworked version of J. Holiday's "Bed," released back in 2007 and originally co-written by The-Dream and producer Los Da Mystro for Chris Brown around 2006. The version that appeared on Kanye's Soundcloud today looks to have been produced by The Life of Pablo collaborators DJDS, and you can listen to it below.

What was once a straightforward R&B cut has now been transformed to fulfil its true destiny: it has become a 17-minute-long aural expression of the feeling of floating on top of warm water, which occasionally laps at your body. Or, it would be, if doing nice floating also involved The-Dream crooning a bunch of sensual af lyrics at you (The-Dream, you see, is going to fuck you until you literally fall asleep, and he is just letting you know via the time-honored medium of the slow jam).

This is The-Dream's original demo of the song: 

And here's J. Holiday's. Listen to the track and feel turned on, or tired, or... both?

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