Black Coffee's New Video Shows the Magical Connectivity of a Great Club Night

Nathi Maphumulo and Smirnoff Sound Collective present the video for “Come With Me” featuring Mque.

by Presented by Smirnoff Sound Collective
May 18 2016, 3:20pm

Johannesburg-based producer and DJ Nathi Maphumulo, aka Black Coffee, has partnered with Smirnoff Sound Collective to present a jubilant and expressive new video for "Come With Me," his recent single with vocalist Mque. The clip features a montage of different crews of dancers, masterfully performing in private spaces like homes and dance studios and public spaces like roofs and urban streets.

Seemingly following the directive of the song's title, the dancers all eventually find themselves in the same club, rocking and jacking to Maphumulo's acoustically flourished, tactile beats. Lest this seem like a generic depiction of hedonistic fun, though, there's clearly a meaningfulness to their late-night festivities here: the video powerfully celebrates the magical kinds of exchange and community dance music is capable of creating between total strangers.