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The Best Fashion Choices at The BPM Festival

black clad techno druids, board shorted party animals, brightly patterned house heads, we got 'em all.

by Galen Oakes and Ashley Lorona
Jan 14 2016, 12:50am

The BPM Festival is well underway in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The ten day, nine venue festival attracts every brand of club kid: black clad techno druids, board shorted party animals, brightly patterned house heads––They're all here kicking up sand with their dance moves.

Of all the parties, it's probably Crew Love that attracts the most colorful and fabulously adorned. At their showcase that featured the likes of Wolf+Lamb, Soul Clap and Laid Back, we sent out photographer Galen Oakes to snap the finest of the lot. Adding commentary is festival fashion guru and world-renowned Glitter Spy Ashley Lorona:

1. Camouflage

Every man looks good in a crisp, white button up, but Eli here looks especially great because his alligators match with the tropical shrubbery.

2. Hawaiian Comeback

Many partygoers were wearing Hawaiian shirts, proving that this is a look for tourists both young and very old. This girl even paired a silly fish hat with it. It's a look that says, "Let's be friends."

3. Around the World in One Shirt

This guy yukked it up at the bar in this one-of-a-kind map of the world shirt. A great way to find out where your new friends are from is by having them point it out to you on your body. I'm from his left nipple!

4. Funglasses

Colored glasses are a great daytime accessory, and the only sunglasses acceptable on the dance floor after sunset.

5. Mermaid Vibes

Look out onto the dance floor and you'll see a lot of colored hair flipping around. Partying with girls that look like mermaids, pixies, and unicorns is nothing to complain about. It looks like this vibrant trend is here to stay.

6. Function and Form

A simple, black off the shoulder shirt, a backpack perfect for hands free grooving, and a choker necklace that won't get tangled? This is not her first music festival. A look fit for a dancefloor queen.

7. Keep it Simple

His bald head says 'techno,' the tape-deck necklace says 'acid house,' and the star-spangled tank top is both galactic and functional.

8. Bright Colors Pop

Many partygoers were experimenting with bright pops of color. With this look, she brilliantly coordinated an embroidered button up shirt with matching glasses and red lipstick.

9. Bright, Bold Patterns

These ladies adorned themselves in boldly printed layers, helping them stand out in the well-dressed crowd. Extra points for the party mumu!

10. Hologoggles

Holographic goggles: Perfect for dusty dance floors and for those all-too-common moments when you'd rather stare into a technicolor wonderland than the tall-guy-in-front-of-you's head.

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