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Download Teklife's New Compilation Album, 'TEKLIFE VIP' Right Now

The compilation features tracks from DJ Taye, DJ Paypal and many more.

by Britt Julious
Dec 26 2016, 12:10am

Image courtesy of Teklife

Teklife just dropped a new compilation album, TEKLIFE VIP, earlier today. After posting a series of song clips to their Twitter account, the crew posted a link to the full compilation. It is available now for free download.

TEKLIFE VIP includes tracks from a number of notable crew members and friends including DJ Taye, DJ Paypal, and Taso.

Download the TEKLIFE VIP compilation here. Stream TEKLIFE VIP below. In November, we looked at the future of Teklife.

"TEKLIFE VIP" tracklist:

  1. DJ Taye x TASO - "THINKIN BOUT U"
  2. Manny Teklife x DJ Paypal x Sirr Tmo - "OHHHH YEAHHH"
  3. Manny Teklife x DJ Phil - "BAM BAM"
  4. Chap Teklife - "FLOAT"
  5. Yuki Teddman Nakano x Ryoya Okamoto - "THEY NEVER GET IT"
  6. Durban x Mel G - "THE PLUG"
  7. DJ Taye - "SHAWTY YOU LIT"
  8. Sirr Tmo - "EPINEPHRINE"
  9. DJ Paypal - "POP A PERC"
  10. Durban Litcitytrax - "THERAFLU"
  11. DJ Tre - "UNRELEASE 2k14"
  12. Hank Man GotIt - "SLOW MOE"
  13. Mel G - "LIKE DAT"