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Kingdom's Video for "Punished" Looks Like It's Infected by a Computer Virus

From his EP 'Shox' out today with Fade to Mind.

by Michael Scott Barron
Mar 25 2016, 7:42pm

Fade to Mind labelhead Kingdom has released a harrowing new video that should inspire fond memories of trojan horse viruses and Y2K scares.

"Punished" is the B-side off of the LA-based producer's new two-track EP Shox, (the A-side is the title track), and it's signature Kingdom: blaring synthetic orchestral sweeps pinned down with needle-like percussive pricks and a . In the video, an object that may have once been a transformer robot, or a colorful construction yard, is mangled beyond anything natural and made to dance on screen. As it progresses, the video itself seems to break down in mid broadcast as though affected by terminal computer virus.

Shox is out today on Fade to Mind.