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The Top Three US Airlines Have Banned Hoverboards

The worldwide war on hoverboards, a.k.a. swegways, continues unabated.

by River Donaghey
Dec 11 2015, 2:25pm

Photo via Flickr user Soar Boards

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The whole hoverboard/swegway/whatever-you-want-to-call-it phenomenon has taken a fair share of shit from pretty much everybody, including a city-wide ban on the streets of New York City, and now the three leading airlines in America have joined the fight against the two-wheeled scourge.

According to BBC, hoverboards are no longer allowed on American, United, or Delta flights, since the giant lithium ion batteries that power the boards have a habit of bursting into flames. You can't even check one in your luggage anymore.

Computers and smartphones run on similar lithium ion batteries, but the larger batteries inside hoverboards "often contain battery varieties above the government mandated 160-watt-hour limit permitted aboard aircraft" and are considered fire hazards, a statement from Delta read.

A number of smaller airlines, including JetBlue, Alaska, and Hawaiian, have already banned the hoverboards from their flights, so you should probably start figuring out how you're going to get all those gift-wrapped Soulja Boards home to your family.