Gemini, June 2017

Happy solar return!

Jun 1 2017, 1:00pm

Happy solar return, Gemini! It's your birthday season, and things are off to a solid start. This month, on June 1, Venus trines Saturn. We love trines—they create an easy energy.

Love-and-money planet Venus is in Fire sign Aries, bringing you good vibes in your social life. And serious Saturn, the planet of discipline and hard work, is in Sagittarius, activating the relationship sector of your chart.

Will the vibe be over-the-top mushy and romantic? No, that's just not what's in store when grumpy Saturn is around; however, the atmosphere will be supportive. You're famous for being fickle, Gemini, but commitment in relationships will be a focus. The atmosphere is practical, down to earth, unfussy, and loyal.

Does this all sound too boring and quiet for you? Likely—you do love drama, Gemini! Don't worry: Excitement arrives on June 3, when Venus meets rebel planet Uranus in Fire sign Aries. This is a time to socialize; you'll meet some unusual (even eccentric!) people.

Excitement arrives on June 3, when Venus meets rebel planet Uranus in Fire sign Aries.

Also on June 3, the Sun will trine lucky planet Jupiter in fellow Air sign Libra, bringing fantastically fun times your way—big parties, hot dates, you name it. Be careful not to overindulge.

While Saturn's influence found you eager to settle down, Uranus and Jupiter's influence will leave you chasing thrills. Luckily, you're two people, Gemini. You're the sign of the twin, so you'll be able to manage! If someone accuses you of being two-faced, remind them that commitment doesn't mean boredom, and having fun doesn't mean shirking your responsibilities.

Confusion descends on June 4 when the Sun clashes with the planet of illusions, Neptune. After a few strong days, you're suddenly not feeling so vibrant or sure of yourself. Early June is a roller coaster, so find healthy ways to stay grounded. Don't believe everything you hear, especially regarding your work, career, or reputation—but don't succumb to paranoia either! Ask a trusted friend for outside perspective if you're feeling lost.

Mars enters cautious Water sign Cancer on June 4, activating the sector of your chart that rules wealth and, on an emotional level, your self-worth. This is a good time to focus your energy on earning. Sharing comes naturally to you (you are the sign of the twin, and we all know sharing is an early lesson for siblings), but watch for issues of greed or possessiveness.

You're usually happy to share information about yourself (it's pretty much your favorite thing to do), but don't be surprised if, this month, you're feeling like it's no one's business how much cash you have or earn.

Heavy emotions have been on your mind, but now you'll be ready to make sense of and talk about them.

On June 6, Venus enters down-to-earth Taurus, putting you in a private mood when it comes to Venusian themes like love (a secret affair?!), beauty, money (you won't be flaunting your riches), or values. Your ruling planet, Mercury, also enters your sign on this day, so in some ways, you'll be less private, or quiet, than you have been lately. Your sharp wit, and ability to express yourself, is bolstered by the communication planet being in your sign. Heavy emotions have been on your mind, but now you'll be ready to make sense of and talk about them.

A full moon in Sagittarius arrives on June 9, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart. Issues in your partnerships will climax today. While this will likely be exhausting and emotionally draining, you will better understand the dynamic between you and your partners.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is busy on June 13, making a harmonious connection with lucky Jupiter, but clashing with hazy Neptune. Good news is on the way. (It's likely you'll connect with a crush, too!) Some adventures are unfolding, but be careful: There's a likelihood of miscommunication, or people wanting things to be true that just aren't—or straight-up lies, especially at work.

Relationship issues are stirred up on June 15 when the Sun opposes Saturn; you'll find yourself wondering if there are too many restrictions or rules in your relationships. Questions of boundaries could also come up—like how frequently you should check in on each other.

This could also pop up in your professional or platonic relationships, Gemini. Be careful today—rejection is in the air, and there are blocks around self-expression, or feeling understood.

Relationship issues are stirred up on June 15; you'll find yourself wondering if there are too many restrictions or rules.

A few days later, on June 18, Mercury opposes Saturn, bringing sadness. Serious conversations are happening; however, this isn't the best time to make commitments, because the energy is way too negative and critical. It's a "glass half-empty" vibe. Don't be surprised if you want to spend time by yourself.

Don't worry: The whole month won't be such a bummer. June 20 brings exciting energy when Mercury connects with electric planet Uranus: Brilliant ideas are born, and you're likely to meet unexpected people. This is the time for experimentation—Uranus is all about trying new things.

The summer solstice arrives on June 20, or 21, depending on your time zone, kicking off Cancer season! On June 21, your ruling planet, Mercury, joins the Sun in Cancer, making a conjunction—which means they will occupy the same degree of the zodiac. Is this astro-lingo over your head? I doubt it, Gemini, as you pick up languages quickly, but in plain English, the meeting of Mercury and the Sun means there will be a lot of communication—and people will be confident about what they're saying! Expect talk about cash and self-worth now that the Sun is activating the financial sector of your chart.

Hoping for a fresh start with money, or, more emotionally, with self-worth or security? The new moon in Cancer arrives June 23, bringing you exactly that. This is a great time to light a green candle for abundance or meet with a financial advisor (or a friend who is smarter about spending and earning cash than you are) to gain some skills.

On June 27, Mercury clashes with Jupiter, but makes a harmonious connection with Neptune—imaginations are running free, which is awesome if you're working on a creative project; however, you'll run into a lot of know-it-alls today, where there's a lot of wishful thinking.

Mercury meets warrior planet Mars in Cancer on June 28, speeding things up, especially in communication, but look out: People may speak more sharply than usual! More Mercury action takes place when it opposes Pluto on June 29—this will certainly be intense! Watch for obsessive thoughts or manipulative tactics; the energy could also be healing, especially if you're in therapy. It's a powerful time for digging deeper into issues. Doing important research? Pluto will help you get the information you need. See you in July, Gemini!