Roger Ballen's Terrifying Photos Conjure Visions of the Apocalypse

The legendary photographer shares unseen work with us.

by Roger Ballen
Apr 9 2018, 2:00pm

Surprise, 2012. All photos by Roger Ballen

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Roger Ballen's images are meticulously crafted nightmares. Over his decades-long career, he's created a visual language all his own, often documenting subjects on the outskirts of society in South Africa. (A recent retrospective even made his last name an adjective, labeling his work "Ballenesque." In short, he's always had dystopic leanings, and we knew, for this issue, we had to reach out to see if he had anything to contribute. Below are brand-new and unseen examples from his archive that he edited for our theme.

Retrieved, 2014
Beseeched, 2014
Snack, 2014
Underworld, 2013
Gloating, 2013
Kick, 2012
Employees, 2012
Airborne, 2013
Bedtime, 2014
Out of Body, 2012
Deprived, 2004.