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Clarence Thomas had another accuser — and she's worried about Kavanaugh's accusers

We talked to Angela Wright, who was not called to testify in 1991 at the Supreme Court nominee's hearing

by Alyse Shorland and Amanda Pisetzner
Sep 26 2018, 4:45pm

While Washington battles over additional Brett Kavanaugh accusers and whether they should be heard, an accuser who was not heard in Clarence Thomas's hearings is telling her own story — and drawing parallels to the current situation.

In 1991, Angela Wright watched Anita Hill testify in front of an all-male congressional committee about how she had been harassed by her previous boss, Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.

The story sounded familiar to Wright, who had worked for Thomas in the '80s, and says she experienced the same kind of lewd behavior and unwelcome advances.

“I was listening to her story, and it just made me want to defend her,” she said.

Wright was subpoenaed to testify at Thomas’s confirmation hearing in Washington but was never called. Meanwhile, Hill was challenged, humiliated, and smeared, and Thomas went on to be confirmed.

Today, Wright says as she's watched the character attacks on Kavanaugh’s accusers, “We’re headed down the same path.”

This segment originally aired September 25, 2018 on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

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